We use the highest grade materials to give you a cut above the rest

Electric Awnings Services

Attachment of an electric awning and a significant thing is that it provides shade and temperature control as well. SignOprint supplies various options of electric awnings to protect your shop front and outdoor spaces from any rain or shine. We’ve got you covered for various types from awning canopy, awning for garden, awning for house, awning for patio, garden awning, primrose awning, sunsetter electric awnings to retracable awning. Maybe if you want to have peace of mind while all the goods are near the windows, get yourself out on a sunny day at your garden in the shade, or even continue your gardening when it rains. SignOPrint designs awnings to keep you dry and protected from the sun for you to chill out!  There is a wide range of colors available for awning cloth to match it with your signboard or shopfront. We can also add writing or logo on your awning.

Electric awnings are run by a built-in motor which is hidden within the awning, and is operated by mechanical arms ensuring that it is working at the best capability and serving its purpose. We use the highest-grade materials to give you a cut above the rest.

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    Benefits of Electric Awning

    Regardless of the nature of the business you own, it can be cost-effective and useful to shade your property. If you are thinking about an electric awning for your business, have a look at following points.

    • It offers enhanced visibility of your place to all your customers and passing-by people
    • Offers great protection against elements
    • Keeps your outdoor space clean and usable
    • Comes in vast range of styles and colors
    • Customization options available

    Why to Choose Sign O Print?

    – Enhanced Visibility: Retractable electric shades add further visibility of your business to customers and people passing by enhancing their curiosity about your
    products so that they can come and see them for themselves.

    – Protection Against Elements: They furnish a really effective protection from the sun, rain, and other external factors, thus the outdoors stay enjoyable and
    comfortable to use.

    – Customization Options: Consider the large assortment of color shades for the canopy cloth and make sure it goes together with your sign or your signboard. On top of that, the range of services provided allows you to add writing or logos for that personalized look and to create the best electric awnings in LONDON.

    Our Awning's Work

    Yes, our electric awnings are constructed to endure different weather conditions, thus, they are capable of giving shade and shelter as required.

    Indeed, our electric awnings are equipped with remote control for the benefit of our customers.

    The time of installation is a function of the awning’s size and complexity. We give you a projected deadline at the time of the consultation

    Our awnings are sturdy, but they still need to be checked on from time to time. SignOprint is a company that provides maintenance services to your awnings to make them look brand new.

    Our mission is to empower our clients to remarkable presence in the market by providing affordable, effective and custom design

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