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Illuminated signs are referred to as signs that incorporate any kind of light source inside them. The lighting source can be placed in any part of the sign – for instance, illuminated signs can be front lit, back lit, trough-lit, etc.

Dealing with the wide variety of signage, illuminated signs come up as one of the most promising services offered by Sign O Print. We manufacture and install internally and externally illuminated stencil cut pan signs, light box signs, 3Dletter signs, and Neon Signs etc.

We use various types of lights to illuminate the signs, mostly they are led lights because they are more efficient. We use led tube lights, led emitting diodes, led neon light etc.

Meanwhile, there is a variety of materials we use to make your illuminated signs durable and more noticeable for your targeted audiences. You have the ultimate authority of a decision, and we will comply with all your instructions regarding your illuminated signs.

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Benefits of Illuminated Signage

Sign O Print is the best illuminated signs company and is truly concerned about your businesses’ promotions using signage. Followings are important benefits of illuminated signs:

  • Visible throughout the day, and in dark as well
  • Easily engages attention of potential customers
  • Can be used inside too as LED displays, and as art
  • Extremely visible from extended distances

Improved reach of marketing campaigns

Why to Choose Us?

Regarding your illuminated signs, we follow all your requirements and provide you with the best you can have. In short, we have a solution for all those businesses who want to get their businesses noticed by people through illuminated signs – share with us what you have in your mind, and we will turn it into reality adding more value to it.

Our Latest Work in Illuminated Signs

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