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Sign O Print’s non-illuminated signs will brighten up your brand with their rimless design which is a cheap and elegant way to improve the visibility of your business.
Our signs are prepared to be parts of your brand’s design, thus, your business will be
given a professional and sophisticated appearance.
Customizable options such as size, shape and color enable you to design a sign that
is exactly everyone wants it.

For years, Sign O Print has been serving diversified businesses in the LONDON regarding signage. Along with other types of signage, we deal in non-illuminated signs including free artwork and fully managed installation of signs. All projects are completed exactly to meet the requirements of customers -meanwhile, we also add value to our customers’ ideas making designs more attractive and business-oriented.

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    Why Non-Illuminated Signs Are Worthwhile?

    Non-illuminated signs do not possess an internal source of light; however, they can still be lit up. You might use some external source of light such as a spotlight to make it visible to people in the dark. Here are some most significant benefits of non-illuminated signs;

    • Since non-illuminated signs do not use electricity – they appear more budget-friendly option
    • These signs look professional and sleek, both for indoors and outdoors
    • Massively flexible design and style options, including fonts, sizes, shape and array of colors
    • Best for the business that operate from 9 to 5
    • Most suitable for temporary promotions too
    • Simple maintenance and relocation

    Why Choose Sign O Print?

    – Cost-Effective: While non-illuminated signs do not thus require any electricity, they are nonetheless among the cheapest options. others to manufacture your required signs.  

    – Professional Appearance: The banners are designed to complement the internal and external appearance of the office and to match the corporate style.

    – Design Flexibility: They always come up with several design options, e. g. fonts, size, and color.

    – Suitable for Business Hours: Can be an ideal time slot for companies that work in regular hours (specifically, 9 am to 6 pm).

    Temporary Promotions: besides illuminated signs, there are dark signs that are ideal for brand promotions that are temporal.

    – Easy Maintenance and Relocation: These signs do not require time for upkeep, and can be shifted based on the prevailing conditions.


    Our Latest Work in Non Illuminated Signs

    Absolutely, our team will expertly put up your non-illuminated signs to make sure they are fixed securely.

    Our non-illuminated signs are made to endure for years at least, provided that they are well-maintained and well-cared for.

    Indeed, our design team can cooperate with you to make a one-of-a-kind and aesthetic design for your non-illuminated signs.

    Indeed, we provide you with the choice of custom sizing and shapes to meet your personal branding and space needs.

    The materials like PVC, aluminum, and acrylic which are of the highest quality are
    used for the durability and professional finish.

    Our mission is to empower our clients to remarkable presence in the market by providing affordable, effective and custom design

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